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ACEL is a non profit and non governmental institution of philanthropic nature, created in 1992, June, 6th with the statutory purpose of attending infants, adolescents and families, without distinction of race, belief or any other, in particular to those in situations of social vulnerability. ACEL promotes activities in the fields of education, health, social and morality with an objective to exercise correct human relations through the full development of people’s potential.


Through an holistic vision, ACEL aims to contribute effectively to the educational, social, moral, and spiritual formation of the community as a whole (infants, adolescents, and families) providing them with the opportunity to evolve as an integral human being: learning how to know, to do, to live together, to be, to create and to love.


The Christian Association “Associação Cristã Estãncia de Luz (ACEL)” was created in 1992. ACEL is a non-profit and non-governmental institution of philanthropic nature with the aim to assist in areas related to education, social and moral development in order to attend to children, adolescents and families. As a result, the idea to create an Education Institute was sprouted.

In 1995, the “Mãe Marinquinha Pre-School” (CECOI-LEMM) program was initiated with a total of 25 infants ranging from 2 to 6 years and was maintained by the resources generated by the Executive Board. The main purpose of the program was to acquire the comprehensive involvement of the community, without distinction of race, belief, social conditions or any other factor.

In 1997 a partnership was signed with the Secretary of Social Development (SDS) and in 2002 with the Municipal Secretary of Education (SME) through the Program CECOI (Center of Childlike Company) which regularizes the curriculum of pre-school education (infants from 1 to 6 years old) and subsidizes 60% of the total budget.

In 2003 the "Sowing Light" program was created in order to provide continuity of the services provided to the children who leave the Institution and enter the primary education system, through extra-curricular activities. This has particular importance as many children entering primary school find themselves once again in a state of social vulnerability during their spare time.

Presently, we attend to 152 infants from the ages of 1 year to 6 years old in the elemental educational period and 40 infants from 7 to 10 years old in the extra-curricular period. However, due to the rapid population growth in the neighborhood of Bairro dos Freitas, the demand for further educational services increased. This need would come to demand the implementation of the group’s initial idea; completion of the elemental development by implementing the educational institute “Prof. José  Herculano Pires” ( I.E.P.J.H.P-SJC)


Municipal Title: Public Utility Law Nº 1982/96 of 20/11/1996
Federal Title: Nº 08026.000627/2003-35 - Port 1969 of 27/11/2003
Philanthropic Certification: OCEAS 0166/2004
National Register of the Legal Entity - CNPJ: 65.053.704/0001-78
Municipal Counsel of Social Assistance - CMAS: 030
Municipal Counsel for children and adolescent - CMDCA: 054
National Counsel of Social Assistance - CNAS: 20424/2002


  • Municipal Secretary of Education: Subsidy of the Pre-school Education and School Food;
  • Mesa Brasil SESC: Fruits and vegetable;
  • TKK Engenharia: Monthly Contribution in cash;
  • STEMMI Engenharia: Monthly Contribution in cash;



CECOI - “Mãe Mariquinha” Pre-school
Educational service provided to children from 1 to 6 years old in elementary period, from Monday to Friday from 7h till 17h.

Sowing Light
Services for children from 7 to 10 years old, providing them with extracurricular activities during their spare time, from Monday to Friday from 7h till 12h:30


Public Aim: Intra and Extra-scholar Community (Infants / Staff / Family).

  • NUTECI: Nucleus for Complementary and Integrative Therapies
    • Reiki: Tibetan therapy based on the manipulation of vital energy.
    • Floral: Therapy for the equilibrium of the emotions of the patient, based on the essence of flowers.
    • Psycho-Social interventions:  Psychological service.
    • Project “Living Healthy”: conscience eating.
    • Project “Awake of the Creativity”: Meditation and relaxation.
  • AMFA: Francisco de Assis Medical outpatient clinic.

Medical services for children, families and staff on a weekly basis.

  • CAPVD: Training – Autonomy for daily living
    • Urban garden.
    • Office of small repairs.
    • Utilizing left overs.
    • Sustainable alternatives.

Activities developed:

  • Education and Culture;
  • Human Values;
  • Environment;
  • Health;
  • Sport and leisure;

INED “The Great Challenge”

Project “Educational Institute Prof. José Herculano Pires” of São José Dos Campos, S.P. Brasil

"The Education as an "Act of Love" drives itself to all the humanity.  Any discrimination in the educational process, whether for national, or social, or racial motives or any other, is a corruption of the educational process and a treason to their basic purpose, which is – to turn a biological being, as the infant when was born, or to turn a social being, as the adolescent and the young – into a moral being"
Prof. José Herculano Pires.


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